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Update: customer service was amazing. They reached out and offered a refund due to the patches not being effective for me. I understand different skin types react differently. I appreciate their customer service. These do nothing for me. I’ve tried another brand that was amazing so I’ll be going back to them.

I love how well these work, but the variety of sizes they include are perfect. I think it's time to buy stock in any product that helps with "Maskne"- the horrible acne from wearing masks. Of course life is more important than a pimple, but if Maskne can be helped- it's with these amazing acne dots. Whether you like to clean your pores out and then put them on, or put them on with the acne still there- this IS the product that you want to buy. And buy some for your friends, they will praise you all day long!

These get rid of blemishes within one or two days! These are great for both teenagers and middle age boomers with hormonal acne. They work on cystic acne as well as normal blemishes. Great buy, and they don’t dry out your skin.

At the age of 29, almost 30, I started struggling with acne. Tried all kinds of face washes and techniques to get rid of it. I finally figured out what worked for me but I still get occasional pimples. They’re big and painful. I absolutely love these patches. They recommended that you leave them on over night but I have to leave them on a lot longer than that. I’ll Leave one on 24 hour period, wash my face and apply another one for 24 hours again. Once the pimple pops, I’ll apply a third one and it sucks out the rest of the crap leaving a little scab. Once the scab is gone, it’s like there was nothing there. I went from numerous giant ugly pimples that last weeks to one or two that last 3-4 days at the most. These patches are a godsend and I will always recommend them to people.

This is the fourth time I've ordered this product. My teenage daughter and I both love this particular brand for zit dots. Several reasons make these a best buy for us; GREAT price point, use for night or day, sheerness definitely a positive for daytime, and four different sizes covers/soothes/clears any size blemish either of us has. I noticed other reviewers have remarked about receiving damaged product. Honestly, that's more than likely an Amazon warehouse storage issue & not from manufacturer. (I've done my employee Amazon associate time. Damage in warehouse is real.) Because we like these so much, I would DEFINITELY notify Amazon of any damage asap. It would be worth the effort to go through the return process.

Quick shipping and great product!! Highly recommended seller!!

I can't thank the seller enough for how fast this was delivered! This acen patche is amazing in performance.VERY happy

I like the product. For easy cleaning I add a drop of dish liquid into some water inside the chopper and run it for a few seconds then rinse it out. I highly recommend this product. It's easy to use and handy!

It works well. Easy to use. I use it to blend chicken and vegetables for my 8 months baby. It’s good for making baby food.

I love this little chopper. It’s strong and powerful. So convenient! I'm going to get one for my mom!

A very handy little device to have for easily chopping / diving garlic, onions, herbs, etc. Very easy to use and to clean and is suitable for so many vegetables, herbs and even some fruit.

Easy to use and clean. Ideal to take anywhere and prepare your favorite juices or formula for your baby. Includes 2 stainless steel blades.

I recently purchased a white noise machine,It's really compact and portable so it can be used in the car or when going to a friend's house. The battery on this thing lasts forever!